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Willis: 'Die Hard 5 Could Shoot in 2011'

Bruce Willis has admitted that production on another Die Hard movie could begin next year.

Speaking to MTV in July, Willis said that Die Hard 5 was "imminent". He has now clarified that statement in a new interview.

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-Mezzo-4241d ago

i cannot wait for it, i have loved all 4 of them so far & im sure 4 th wont dissapoint as well.

darklordzor4240d ago

I know that some people didn't like Live Free or Die Hard, but I thought it was an incredibly fun movie. It fit in well with the other Die Hard movies, without trying to redefine it. They made a fun action film, true to the series. Needless to say I'm anxious to see how the 5th film will turn out, and I just hope they can stay away from more of the "I'm an old man" jokes. I say let's bring back some Russian terrorists!

JL4240d ago

I agree. I've enjoyed all the Die Hard movie. Even Live Free or Die Hard was a fun movie. John McClane is the quintessential bad-ass. If anything, I'd just like them to not have it PG-13 again. But other than that, I'm sure I'll enjoy this just as much. Though they probably need to stop after this. He's getting a bit too old for it.

Also, I can't help but think of A Threevening with Kevin Smith when the words "COULD shoot in 2011" are used. Kevin talking about how anal Willis can be, especially with this franchise and how many delays were caused due to that. lol

thedisagreefairy4239d ago

pg-13 version was foul language. there was still a "yippe ki yay, motherf*cker" though. all the violence was intact, so whats wrong with a pg-13 version that makes it more possible that a larger group of ppl can see it.

JL4239d ago

Violence was not intact. Not like the old Die Hards. Also I do NOT remember a "yippie-ki yay motherf*cker" that was not edited. And that isn't a line you edit.

And I can see it not being a HUGE deal or anything, and can even understand the "wider audience" argument. But let's be real, most under 16 or 18 don't even know or appreciate who John McClane is. They weren't even born back in the heyday of the franchise.