MTV Bringing Back Punk’d, With Host Justin Bieber

Vulture: MTV may need to start shopping for a trucker hat that won't mess with Justin Bieber's hair, because multiple industry insiders tell Vulture that the tween singer has been all but officially tapped as the host of a revival of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd for the network, assuming all details can be worked out. Kutcher isn't entirely relinquishing the celebrity practical-joke franchise he birthed back in 2003: He'll remain as an executive producer of the new series via his Katalyst Entertainment. But if a deal can be worked out, the on-air baby face of the new show will be none other than Biebs. If Kutcher's past history with Punk'd is any indication, Bieber will likely appear in a few early episodes as a participant in the pranks, then gradually revert to mostly introducing segments. While Kutcher was famous during the original Punk'd era (he was starring on That 70s Show), the actor was nowhere near as famous (or busy) as Bieber, giving him more time to pull punks on his peers.

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-Mezzo-3329d ago

Sucks, why every Movie/TV Show is targeting 14 years old Girls.

elcompa4253329d ago

Is the main reason I stopped watching TV as much as I used to. Most of the time when I watch's for sports, weather, or when my GF has something on that's interesting.

Then again, you can't blame the kid for pimping the system. I'm sure if anybody had an opportunity to gain massive amounts of money, they would do it as well.

Money-Mike3329d ago

How is it that this Justin kid gets so much recognition. He has zero talent, the music industry is really screwed. What a shame!