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AMC Unexpectedly Pulls Unrated Slasher 'Hatchet II' From All Screens

CNN Entertainment: "Just a couple of days after the release of Hatchet II, the AMC theater chain has pulled the unrated slasher sequel from all of the cinemas that were showing the movie.

"We woke up this morning and the movie was gone," says director Adam Green. "I'm bewildered and confused."

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darklordzor4248d ago

Is it just me, or does this director always seem to come off as an arrogant whiner? He talks like he's the biggest thing since Orson Welles. That and I totally disagree with his arguments against the MPAA. It's not an 'evil' organization, but I feel a necessary one. Even the biggest Hollywood movies all listen to the organization, so what makes him think he's better than it?

Oh well, I can't say as to why AMC would have pulled it, but my guess is after watching it a few times, and maybe getting some complaints, they decided featuring an unrated movie wasn't in the best interest of their business.