The Social Network: Four Things the Movie Got Wrong

The Christian Science Monitor: "The Social Network,' a new film directed by David Fincher, and based on a book by Ben Mezrich, topped the box office charts in the US over the weekend. But critics of the film say Fincher and Mezrich got plenty of things wrong, from the history of Facebook to the portrayal of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg."

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darklordzor4445d ago

Well of course they got stuff wrong...this is a work of fiction. If it wasn't, it'd be some documentary on History Channel, instead of a Hollywood film.

That's why I've disliked the marketing for this film. They put it out there like this is THE story of Facebook, when it's made purely for entertainment (and based off of a book). Certain facts have to be changed in order to provide more drama and tension in a film.

Soldierone4445d ago

I can't believe how much they are bashing this movie, its like they got ripped off in a deal or something. I know for a fact they had to give rights to the studio for everything. Facebooks name, the people, the history, and they probably even helped the studio by telling them certain things.

They got all upset that hollywood decided to be hollywood and change it up a bit to make it entertaining. You guys are still too young to have a documentary made about you. Facebook is massive, but its not brilliant yet. If it somehow died tomorrow no one would care, look at Myspace. Remember when that was just as big and now its nothing. They were smart business men, but Hollywood wanted to make a movie which is entertainment, Facebook was nothing more than a marketing strategy to sell this story of a businessman getting screwed like most young business men.

Look I'd be mad a little bit too if my life story and hard work wasn't being portrayed correctly by the biggest industry their is. However at the same time I gave that industry permission to do it, and I learn to expect that from them. I rather have people be entertained and say "wow that was a good movie" about something with my name on it, than otherwise. Let alone this is most likely going to help Facebook grow even further, so why dont they just stop it already.

darklordzor4444d ago

Overall this reminded me most of the Pirates of Silicon Valley TV movie. It was about the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and their rise to power. It was a very fun movie to watch, but so incredibly dramatized. It's supposed to be entertainment, and there wasn't as much backlash for that movie when it came out.

I think you're right, they are a little young to be having a movie about them, but Facebook has had a huge impact on the world. Not just in the site itself, but in the propagation of all social networking sites. They defined social networking on the internet.

Oh and don't forget this was all based off of the book called "The Accidental Billionaires", which read almost like a comedy instead of a drama.

Soldierone4444d ago

That's what I'm saying. It wasn't originally intended to be a Facebook movie. It was intended to be a movie about a young kid becoming a business man with a new creative idea, but getting screwed by other people as he gets there. Facebook was a good example of this and a good marketing tool for them to sell an otherwise boring idea.

If anything they should be thanking the studio. For giving them this movie so young, for advertising Facebook, and not making it completely off from the truth.

-Mezzo-4445d ago

Yup, it got a lot of stuff wrong, like i heard they did not mention Facebook being a CIA project.

elcompa4254444d ago

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but I have read somewhere that it was funded by groups closely-knitted with the CIA.

Soldierone4444d ago

Statement can be taken either way lol. Those groups funds lots of projects, doesn't mean CIA is actually involved. Sure it makes it easier to get your information and load their servers more, along with making it easier to watch people. But its not like they couldnt get this information very easily elsewhere.

In otherwords the CIA affiliation wasn't important enough to throw in the movie.

-Mezzo-4444d ago

I am not being Sarcastic, i firmly believe that it was/is being funded by CIA.