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Thomas Haden Church Cast in We Bought a Zoo and Killer Joe

It's really a shame that Spider-Man 3 wasn't a better movie. Had it been, we likely would be seeing a lot more of Thomas Haden Church. Showing an incredible amount of potential post-Wings in Sideways, Haden Church's filmography since he played Flint Marco has included the dismal All About Steve, Imagine That and Aliens in the Attack. While he does have a couple of things already lined up on the horizon, he's now adding two more.

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darklordzor4248d ago

Thomas Church is such an under-rated actor. He has done a lot of good things and really brings his best to any role...unfortunately the roles he gets aren't terribly good. After some of the terrible movies he's been in lately, I'm really hoping his next few films turns him around and gets him the credit and roles he deserves. And honestly, his portrayal of Flint Marco was one of the best parts of Spider-Man 3.

JL4248d ago

Agreed. Church is a very nice actor. Not the greatest or anything, but definitely far better than his filmography would suggest. I always enjoy him. He did brilliant in Sideways. And in Smart People he did a very good job as well. He definitely deserves more credit than he gets and more opportunity to prove himself.