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411mania - Scrubs: The Complete Ninth Season Review

411mania - Let's be honest here. Season 8 of Scrubs should have been the last one. Creator Bill Lawrence thought so, several members of the cast couldn't be bothered to come back for a full season and I haven't seen a single fan discussion that was in support of extending the show after Season 8's "My Finale". But ABC wanted more episodes and so here we are, with the ninth and final season of a show that I have loved for a long time. The question is, does this new season of Scrubs manage to end things on a high note, or was everyone right in not wanting it to happen?

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elcompa4254244d ago

Even though I wasn't very passionate about it, it still made me laugh here and there, but much like the review said....I wasn't very impressed with season 9. Some things are meant to die off....