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Why Blu-ray Is Worth The Extra Price

ScreenRant: An all-too-common argument about Blu-ray is that it’s just not worth the price tag for a small improvement. But there is plenty of proof that these arguments are misguided.

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Soldierone4743d ago

I think the only factor that needs to be played is that its an entertainment package for both the video game and movie industries to take ahold of. With more room, and rom based technology, it allows them to give buyers more than just a film to watch. Some have already done that with live launch parties where you can chat with others watching it, and other unique things.

However Sony made the technology and brought the options to the table by making the format standard, now its the film industries job to spend a little cash and find some way to use it. The game industry already did. The film industry is constantly talking about how they are losing money, how they need something to spark it (like how 3D tickets are nearly double in price even if the movie wasnt made for it) etc...So here you go, give us a reason to spend 20 to 30 bucks on your film and we will.Its obvious the money is going to be found at the home market now, along with at the theatres.

How about DLC style movies? Sure you saw Ironman 2, but remember that tidbit after the credits? Watch a 5 minute extended clip exclusive to Blu Ray for 99 cents. Then they protect it and make it so you cant transfer it off Blu ray or download it elsewhere, so the people have to pay for it. After 3 or so months release it elsewhere.

JL4743d ago

I would definitely like to see them take advantage of the blu-ray format more. I like those movies that include things like "live chat" or stuff like that. There's just so many things you can do with that extra potential.

You would also think that since studios make most of their money from home release, that they'd be more inclined to do things to cater to that market rather than trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of audiences at the theater.

Another thing of course, if they really want to push this 3D stuff, then they definitely need blu-ray around for that.

darklordzor4743d ago

I've never regretted getting a Blu-ray player, and I'm not sure who in the world is saying that it's a 'small improvement'. The difference is massive and I honestly have a hard time watching any movie that's not on blu-ray.

Honestly, I'm a little bit of a fanboy though, and have been supporting the format since the HD format war started. I think it's worth the price, and these days, I'm not even sure how that's an argument. There are several blu-ray players coming out these days at a reasonable price, and HDMI cables are only 5-10 bucks anymore. I don't think price is as big a factor anymore, when even the Blu-ray discs themselves are starting to come down in price too.

JL4743d ago

I agree, yet I disagree at the same time. I definitely agree that that "small improvement" argument is garbage. There's a vast difference. Both in video and audio. Anybody that says otherwise is obviously just harboring hatred for the medium or they are trying to base judgment using a SD tv with no surround sound system.

Where I disagree though is that it's not necessarily always worth the price. Granted, yes, blu-ray movies and players are definitely dropping in price. But at the same time DVD is always still cheaper. For me, it's not worth paying that lil bit of extra money for movies on blu-ray when we're just talking movies like Robin Hood, or Get Him to the Greek or stuff like that. These just don't cater to the format really and thus aren't worth the extra $10 to get that improved resolution, because they simply don't need it. However, movies like Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia and Toy Story 3, these are virtual no-brainers that you have to get on blu-ray. Just for regular comedies and dramas DVD is absolutely just fine (of course I got a decent upscaling DVD player too so that helps), but these work just fine with DVD.

Also it might be because I spend so much on movies, buying movies all the time that brings bias to my thoughts on this. Due to buying so many movies, if I truly bought them all on blu-ray that would bring a serious increase to my monthly movie spending.

Also a perk with sticking with DVD and the reason I won't let go of it yet: I often like to go to McKay's or places like that where I'm buying used DVDs for like $2-5 a pop. This just isn't an option with Blu-rays. So, for the time being I'll be one of those split-parties.

elcompa4254743d ago

an SDTV then of course it won't be worth the extra price, but if you have yourself a nice HDTV then you're not doing your tv any justice by rocking a DVD player.......hence the reason I stopped using my old "entertainment system" as my DVD player and bought my PS3 so it can be my game console and blu-ray movie player. But I'm hoping the latter won't be needed anymore... :D


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