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A New Batch of Images From Thor

Just got back home to discover the latest Empire Magazine on my doorstep. It’s always an exciting prospect to see who made the front cover of the world’s best movie magazine and this month, I get to see Chris Hemsworth staring up at me dressed in the best image that we’ve seen yet from his new movie, Thor.

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darklordzor4248d ago

I'm having trouble generating interest for this film. I just don't think Thor can work on the big screen, and all of these images they keep releasing just aren't doing anything for me. I know I should be excited (being a huge comic geek), but I just don't feel anything. Besides, these pictures aren't showing us anything insanely cool, just some clear pics, but that's about it.

elcompa4254248d ago

I remember whenever this broke out on the forums of N4G, I got so excited my face went numb...haha, jk. But I liked Thor, so perhaps I have a bias. I remember sneaking into my older bro's room just to look at the pics lol