Discovery Looks to be Appearing in Transformers 3

Superherohype Writes:
"Scenes to be shot by the Space Shuttle
In an article at talking about the preparations for the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center, it mentions that it looks like Discovery will be appearing in Transformers 3"

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darklordzor4249d ago

I just wonder what use they would have for it in the film. Do they plan on making it a transformer? If not then, I guess it could just be something going on in the background. Right now I'm stumbling to think what use that would have in the story, but I just hope they're on the right track. I really want this film to be good, but my hopes are just so low after the second film.

My guess, is that it might have something to do with the start of the film. Maybe they show the shuttle launch at the beginning and then some how the challenger ends up hitting something in space that stirs up the film's plot.