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Set Visit: The Thing Interview with Marc Abraham "In 1982 the master of horror and suspense, John Carpenter, brought us the now classic alien horror film The Thing starring Kurt Russell. While the movie has become a cult hit over the years it wasn't always that way. The film initially had a difficult time at the box office in part due to the fact that it was released two weeks after Steven Spielberg's juggernaut film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, who's friendly depiction of alien creatures held a stark contrast to the scary extra-terrestrials in Carpenter's movie. Not to mention that The Thing also opened on the same day as another classic sci-fi film, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner! None-the-less, the movie went onto gather a cult following, thanks to its eventual release on home video. The film has since been called "the scariest movie ever" by the Boston Globe and selected by Empire magazine as one of the five hundred greatest movies of all time."

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