N.Z. Government Offers to Mediate 'Hobbit' Spat

Where exactly is Middle Earth? Firmly planted in New Zealand, if the country's prime minister has anything to say about it.

In the latest development in the fight over unionization of actors on "The Hobbit," Prime Minster John Key has offered to have government officials mediate the dispute between director-producer Peter Jackson and the union seeking to organize the production.

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darklordzor4250d ago

Gosh this film is running into so many issues! I just read about how Peter Jackson's workshop got burned down yesterday as well. Maybe this movie really is cursed, or maybe it's just a sign that they shouldn't make it. I really hope they can settle this dispute they're having, but after all of this time, I'm finding myself losing interest. I guess we'll see how the mediation goes.

JL4250d ago

Definitely, this movie has been having some serious issues. Indeed it does seem cursed. I think they're too damn determined to make the movie to let it fall through though. In a sense I also agree about losing interest for it at the moment. However, I also believe that by time they get it done and ready to release, they'll run the hype train and my interest will pique again. Because I do think that the movie will be good.

darklordzor4250d ago

Oh the hype train is going to be ridiculous before it's released. It just sucks that they'll likely miss out on the chance to release it around the same time as their Extended Edition Blu-ray releases of the first films...Unless of course they decide to move those back which would be a crime!

JL4249d ago

Ah come on. You know better than that. The film will probably come out long after the Extended Edition Blu-rays, but you know they'll figure something out. The Tuesday before The Hobbit releases we'll get the "Super Deluxe Special Collector's Edition DVD/Blu-ray Combo package with never before seen footage" lol.