One Last Trailer for Paramount's 'Paranormal Activity 2'

What does that guy and his baby, as seen above, have to do with Paranormal Activity 2? Ohhh you just wait and see! Even after sending out creepy viral videos and featuring multiple trailers with hidden footage, there's yet another new trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 that has just debuted. Apple has debuted a full 62 second final theatrical trailer that actually teases the story, not just the gimmicky ghost scares, this time. As you'll see, this is about a family that's being haunted and that damn baby again. I like that it's a new family, and the dog, baby, and pool camera do up the ante, but will the gimmick pay off a second time? Have fun!

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JL3396d ago

I'm actually very much looking forward to this. The first, while not the scariest movie nor was it winning any cinematography awards, it was a great showing by a first-time director/writer. He showed a very nice knack for drawing out suspense and building tension in a movie and really pacing it all well. Then (using the alternate ending) even did a very good job of capping it all off properly with a very suiting ending to top off that rollercoaster ride of tension and suspense that he took the viewers on throughout the movie. All this done with next to know resources/money (like $15k, shot in his own house). Now while, Oren isn't directing the sequel he is producing it and overseeing the whole project so I would imagine he's going to put plenty of his own touches on it. Though there is the slight worry that Paramount might just feed us garbage in order to simply try to capitalize on the name.

elcompa4253396d ago

As I've mentioned before I think the first one was riding on the hype train. I took my mom and my GF to see it, my mom thought it was so predictable and my GF was amused by it most of the time, while I just had to take a nap. Idk, it just took to much yapping to get to the point, lol....but I give them credit for pulling something off with a tiny budget when you compare it to the other movies that released at the same time....

JL3396d ago

I agree with darklordz below. I mean yes it had lots of hype, but I don't think that's what defined the movie per se. Granted it wouldn't have made that much money without the hype, but I still thought it was good. As darklordz said below, I think it did do something unique in the genre. I think in a time where everybody is all about cheap scare tactics and shallow stories with gore and shock value to carry their movies, Paranormal Activity brought back art to the genre in a sense. Like I said before, it really was a nice display of suspense and the use of tension and building it up. I liken it to j-horror in that sense (who has a much better grasp on using tension and 'terror' to slowly build throughout the movie than hollywood does these days). Again, the movie definitely isn't without its flaws, but given the low budget, a first time director and was real good. That's storytelling you just don't get in modern american horror movies anymore really.

It's not for everybody though, I get that, but I for one am ready to at least give the sequel a try.

Soldierone3396d ago

In reply to your second comment.

I think it was a decent attempt at bringing the horror genre back to life and bringing what was once great, back. However it was a failed attempt. Granted I give this team credit for making a low budget film and being first time major movie makers, but it still didn't hit the spot I wanted it to hit.

Im a student in the film industry and I love horror movies, im saddened when every new "horror movie" hits the market and they suck. I know what you mean that it wasn't about gore and more about tense vibrant moments, but it failed. My whole family hated the movie, people that have no idea how to make film were telling me how I could make one better and why I should.

Now the second one is releasing. People hated the first one so expectations wouldn't be that high, until you say "well the first one was great, and now we have a big time budget." So now people are expecting it to actually scare the movie goers, so it better.

All I have to say though, it has a baby. If you can't make a friggin baby scary, you fail at making horror movies and we shouldn't see a third. Im all game for this movie, mainly because I want new talent in Hollywood.

darklordzor3396d ago

I don't think the first one made all of its money just because of hype. I think it did some very unique things in filmmaking and tried to really create something unique and dynamic in a very tired genre. I'm very much looking forward to what they can do with this film, and so far it's looking good.

It doesn't seem to be going the mainstream route. Oh and that scene with the baby standing up in the crib....creepy!