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EW: Case 39 Review

EW: Oh boy, where to begin? How about here: Case 39 is an aggressively inept demon-seed chiller starring a bunch of grown-ups who should’ve known better. Directed by Christian Alvert (Pandorum), this star-studded mess arrives in theaters bearing the no-confidence stamp: ''Not screened in advance for critics.


Weekend Box Office Earnings October 8-10, 2010 - Newcomers Fail to Overtake "The Social Network"

Even as three new movies hit theaters everywhere this weekend, The Social Network topped the charts during its second weekend at the box office, earning more than both Life As We Know It and Secretariat.

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Soldierone4799d ago

Somehwat of a given. The Social Network had massive marketing put into it, if it were to fail after the first week then the studio would be in trouble. Plus none of the other new releases really had any marketing push. And when the best movie to compete is a movie about a baby, your hopes are not that good.


411mania - Case 39 Review

411mania - In the end, Case 39 is a film devoid of any originality or creativity. It features bland, uninspired scares, zero tension and an entire cast that appears as though they are sleepwalking through the whole thing. Combine that with a dull pace and some unintentionally funny death scenes, and you have what is likely to be the worst horror film of 2010. You have to wonder why Paramount Vantage didn't just dump this on DVD and cut their losses instead of wasting money on advertising and a theatrical release.

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Weekend Box Office Earnings - October 1-3, 2010 - "The Social Network" Tops, "Let Me In" Disappoints

Weekend box office earnings have officially come in, and as expected The Social Network topped the charts with $23 million, while Let Me In largely disappointed with less than $6 million.

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