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Defending Bad Movies: 'Not Another Teen Movie'

Moviefone: Spoof movies instantly get a bad rap. (And, for argument's sake, let's leave parodies like 'Mars Attacks!' and 'Shaun of the Dead' out of this.)

In this article, we're talking about the ones that go for pop culture's jugular and tear apart specific movies individually. The Wayans brothers kicked off the craze somewhat respectably with 'Scary Movie' back in 2000, but ever since, this type of film has been synonymous with critical panning. Even the 'Scary Movie' franchise plummeted from the first to second film.

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-Mezzo-4250d ago

I'm not sure but I think I saw this Movie on HBO and is was bad beyond imagination, I honestly cant remember anything to defend.

sdtarm4250d ago

It should be "another bad movie" it had some funny things but it was stup!d in general,

I Lol'ed so hard on the part that the guy sings "Janie's got a gun" loud on the mic for the whole school/college and all the polices on the campus start chasing her LMAO

JL4250d ago

All of these movies suck (the first Scary Movie was alright). And spoof movies are alright at times. Really liked Shaun of the Dead. But all these "Not Another Teen Movie" "Epic Movie" "Superhero Movie" or whatever they're all called (all done by the same guys). They suck. The latest: Vampires Suck. They need to hang it up.

-Mezzo-4250d ago

Shawn of the Dead was a great Movie, It's the kind of Movie which can be enjoyed with the whole Family, but in most comedies these days someone is trying to get in bed with someone.

The last good Comedy movie i saw was Hangover *Loved It* & Hot Fuzz was great as well, was made be the same people that did Shawn of the Dead.

Soldierone4249d ago

Comedy is taking a road the horror genre already traveled. Going the easy route, copying what always works, and repeating it. Its movies like this that kill the industry and make people hate a genre. How many spoof movies do we need before its not funny anymore? All they do is take jokes people make daily and turn it into a movie.

I mean some good comedians are still out there. The Other Guys, PRIME example of an amazing comedy that everyone loved. It took work and alot of effort to make that one. We need more of that. Less of this "lets parody everything that gets popular."

JL4249d ago

Agreed. They are seriously overdoing it. I mean spoofs are fine here and there when done right. Like I said, I loved Shaun of the Dead. But this writing team have definitely got out of hand with it. It's getting ridiculous.

JL4250d ago

Yea, I actually like the duo of Wright and Pegg. I enjoy Simon Pegg in anything really. And him and Nick Frost work really well together on screen. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, definitely check out Zombieland as well if you haven't already. Two of my favorite spoofs in a while.

I think my top 5 comedies of this past decade would have to be:
1)40-year old virgin
2)Grandma's Boy
3)Clerks 2
5)Waiting or Old School

Seemed though after the triple threat of 40-year old virgin, Grandma's Boy and Clerks 2...seemed like we had to wait quite a while before we truly got any of that great laugh-out-loud type comedies (by the way I'm not gonna count Shaun of the Dead in my list due to it being a spoof--a totally different kind of beast than a straight up comedy). But even still, while we've had a couple really funny movies. I still haven't had any side-splitting ones since that triple-threat period mentioned above.

GameTavern4249d ago

I actually enjoy this movie. I mean I guess being that most of the movies it parodied from when I was a teen, and it just hit at the right time.