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3DRadar: Sky 3d Launches UK

3DRadar writes: "Sky 3D officially launches today, with the channel offering 14 hours' 3D content a day.

The channel is free to those who have taken out a Sky World HD subscription and will be showing the Ryder Cup (weather permitting) in 3D and live.

Sky and TV manufacturers will be hoping that the launch of the channel will kick-start 3D in the UK."

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sdtarm4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

it will be interesting see if ppl actually jumps into 3d with all this support given

JL4246d ago

Unless they drop those prices a real good bit, I don't see it happening on too large a scale. I think we're still at a point where a majority of people haven't even jumped to HDTV yet, let alone 3D. Those prices gotta come down.

Not to mention, I'm not entirely sure people are all that interested in this 3D stuff. Just seems cumbersome. I don't want to have to wear glasses when watching tv all the time to enjoy 3D. Maybe when they get the glasses-less versions running, then we can talk. Right now the best I think they can do is get their foot in the door with cutting-edge enthusiasts and early-adopters.