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Lost Star Josh Holloway Joins Mission: Impossible 4

Lost star Josh Holloway is joining the Mission: Impossible team.

In his first major screen role since wrapping the ABC show, Holloway is in final negotiations to act as a member of the Impossible Mission Force, the secret agent task force headed by Tom Cruise in Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 4.

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sdtarm4333d ago

Is there actually gonna be another Mission Impossible?

JL4333d ago

Yes there is. Click on the Mission Impossible tag beneath the description up there and you'll find all kinds of news on it.'s not going to be called Mission Impossible. It's going to go by another name which they haven't decided/announced yet.

TheColbertinator4333d ago

Lame.Mission Impossible is washed up

4333d ago
elcompa4254331d ago

He'll do great in whatever he lands....I really like this guy. I disliked him in the beginning of LOST, then he was just one mad ass mamma jamma...