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Trailer - Ghost [Remake] (Gosuto: Mo Ichido Dakishimetai)

NipponCinema: "Yesterday, a new trailer was released for Paramount’s upcoming Asian remake of Ghost. I’m pretty sure most people are fairly familiar with the original 1990 Hollywood version starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, so it makes more sense to go over the differences—most of which are made glaringly obvious in the new footage."

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darklordzor4247d ago

You know, I just watched 'Ghost' on TV over the weekend, and was surprised that I couldn't turn the channel. I was hooked. It's an older film sure, but there's something about it that still grabs your attention. I don't think this remake will be able to pull off the same magic, and the differences don't exactly look like changes for the best either. Then again, will we even see this here in the States?