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'Big Bang' Updates: Kaley Cuoco Returns Next Week & Mayim Bialik Books More Eps

Deadline: Great news for Big Bang fans: injured star Kaley Cuoco is expected to return to work in time for the taping on Oct. 13, which means that she will only miss 2 episodes - the one whose taping was right after her horse-riding accident and the one that is currently in production, following the show's 2-week hiatus. It hasn't been decided yet if Cuoco's broken leg will be incorporated into the show.

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-Mezzo-4247d ago

I just recently started watching it & this show is perfect, i love every Character on it.

JL4247d ago

I've watched it on and off from the beginning. And just started watching it more and more. It is a very funny show. Sheldon is great.

-MD-4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Great news. She's a big part of the funny for me so hearing that she would be out a few episodes was disappointing.

I watched all 3 seasons in a week because I was so impressed with it. Last night's episode was hilarious.

JL4247d ago

Yes it was (last night's episode). Sheldon with his robot HAHAHA. "Look at me when I'm talking to you. Ignore the man in the bed." Sheldon is hilarious.

elcompa4254247d ago

I remember when she was in 8 simple rules, it also helps that she's easy on the eyes and can act...unlike that other chickk...whos only easy on the eyes...

4246d ago