Top Five Little Girls in Film That You Should Fear

Hollywood: Let Me In gets released in theaters on Friday, and if you have found yourself unnaturally absent from the cinema this year, this is the film to spur your return. Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) weaves a heartbreaking, coming-of-age horror story that is flush with great performances and stellar cinematography.

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-Mezzo-3336d ago

The Orphan, movie was awesome, i just watched it recently.

JL3336d ago

I have one friend that liked it and one that said it wasn't that great. Never seen it myself and not entirely sure I'm in a hurry to get to it.

On another note, The Exorcist comes to blu-ray this month. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen that one yet, so I'll definitely be picking that up.

-Mezzo-3336d ago

I didn't payed attention to it myself, but them my MOM & my Brother saw the movie and recommended it to me. ( I Strongly Recommend You Rent It, On Your Next Trip To The Video Store)

Still haven't seen The Last Excorsim myself, will probably pick up the Blu-Ray onces it's out.

"The Crazies" is another movie i would highly,strongly recommend.

JL3336d ago

Seen The Crazies. I enjoyed it well enough. Not Romero's greatest, but good nonetheless. I always think Romero does good. Even his lesser rated movies always seem to be at least a good watch one time, for me.

I'll definitely be picking up The Exorcist though to finally watch.

Another good scary movie that I'd highly recommend: Paranormal Activity. Yea I'm late to the party on this one, but recently watched it and it was good (ironic I know since I'm talking about them running that fake documentary/"found footage" type them into the ground, but this one actually is good).

Speaking on evil kids in movies. Not sticking with just girls here but The Children of the Corn always creeped me out when I was younger. Damien from The Omen is disturbing as well. Also, while not a scary movie, Macaulay Culkin in the Good Son was disturbing.

Another good one I'd recommend Trick 'r Treat. Good solid horror movie in the classic feel of Carpenter's Halloween.

elcompa4253336d ago

I thought Trick 'r Treat, was bland...haha Idk but there wasn't a scene where I jumped or didn't know what the deally-o was....but I do agree on the Children of the Corn.....those movies made me terrified of cornfields... :/

JL3336d ago

Oh there was absolutely never a point that scared me or anything about the movie. I just enjoyed it as a nice genre movie. It was "fun" (as twisted as that might sound I guess lol). Just a fun time with some decent gore in it. It just made it for a real good enjoyable/fun holiday movie.

lol I do remember as a kid I was at my cousin's and we were tossing a baseball and they had a cornfield back there, and the baseball got loose and went into the cornfield. I would go in there to get it because of those movies. lol Though I'm over that now for the most part. It can still have an unsettling feeling in the right setting though.

elcompa4253336d ago

I was forced to watch it boyhood was being questioned by my older siblings....good God, how I regretted it after that...I should of taken my five year old ass to bed....haha

BTW....what about that one movie....all I remember was this girl curled up...saying "Tommy knockers, tommy knockers, knocking at your door" I remember being scared by

JL3336d ago

My guess: The Tommyknockers lol Easy enough huh. Never seen the movie or whatever. All I know it as is a Stephen King book, but that's one of those that I haven't read.

elcompa4253335d ago

Yeah, it was one of those things that just popped up in my head, and whenever I was around a computer, I would just completely blank....haha.