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Wonder Woman Returning To TV As Series Written And Produced By David E. Kelley

Deadline: This has to be the highest-profile effort to bring Wonder Woman to television: One of TV's best-known creators, The Practice's David E. Kelley, has come on board to write and produce a new series project about the female superhero. The project, from Warner Bros. Television where Kelley is based, and Warner Bros.' DC Entertainment, will be taken out to the networks shortly. Kelley, who has created several female-centered shows, most notably Ally McBeal, had been interested in tackling a contemporary take on the World War II-era Amazon.

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-Mezzo-4251d ago

I can't escape the feeling that would be a disaster.

JL4251d ago

Yea, it's never turned out well before. And I don't know, maybe it's the stigma of past failures or whatnot, but Wonder Woman just doesn't seem to lend well to a TV series idea.

4251d ago