CB: Iron Man 2 [Blu-Ray] Review

CB: It’s not too much of a stretch to say that the best thing about watching Iron Man 2 is looking at supporting player Scarlett Johansson’s incredibly hot body while she kicks the crap out of a team of security guards. Sure, Robert Downey, Jr. and all the rest are perfectly fine, but really just that: perfectly fine. Other than Scarlett’s ass-kicking, Iron Man 2 is just a perfectly fine superhero movie.

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smokeymicpot3338d ago

Movie needed the drunk Tony Stark we all know and love.

-Mezzo-3338d ago

That & a lot more, i was left disappointed in the Movie.

elcompa4253338d ago

this movie was easily at least a 4/ horsh...however I did like Johannson in them highlight of the, i kid...or do I?