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Full Trailer For Andre Ovredal's Troll Hunter

TwitchFilm: FYI: Trolls are fond of bridges. Also caves, woods and various and sundry other locations, all of which you will find them lurking within in the full trailer for Andre Ovredal's upcoming moc-doc The Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren). Anticipation has been building exponentially for this one as the troll footage has trickled out over the past weeks and I do believe this should rocket things sky high. The Norwegian version of the trailer arrived yesterday and Twitch is proud to premiere the English version of the trailer now.

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JL4251d ago

Hmm, looks mildly interesting in a weird kind of way. Looks pretty good for an indie film as well. My qualm though is they're starting to run this whole shaky cam/faux-documentary style movies into the ground.

-Mezzo-4251d ago

Agreed, love the name though, The Troll Hunter ( One Is Needed On N4G) lol