Why Justin Timberlake And His Social Network Co-Stars Deserve Oscars

CB: By now you've heard a lot about just how great The Social Network is, and all of its true. In a broad sense it's a great film, a rare movie that's actually about something bigger than itself. But a large part of why it's good is the kind of performances director David Fincher gets from his young actors. They're so good that, even though it's only nearly October we're ready to go out on a limb and start predicting Oscar nominations, not just for one or two of the Social Network actors, but three of them.

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3338d ago
JL3337d ago

I really like Eisenberg. I mean, he doesn't seem like a great actor, but he seems good at what he does, kinda the same way Michael Cera is. I enjoy seeing Eisenberg. And who knows, he may pull out a performance in this movie unlike what I except and show me that he truly is a good actor with range.

Garfield I'm not sure about. However, I do have to say this. I catch a lot of flack from my friends for saying this, but Timberlake is actually a really decent actor. He's done very well in everything I've ever seen him in. He actually did a very nice job in Alpha Dogs. I also thought he did well in Southland Tales. Maybe it's that I had absolutely no respect/faith in him before, but he's impressed me a bit. Not to say he'll somebody be this amazing actor by any means. But he's very decent considering he was once a backstreet boy or nsync'er or whatever it was he was in lol.

sdtarm3337d ago

but is the movie really worth it?? i havent decided yet

JL3337d ago

I don't know. Haven't seen it yet, so I can't make any judgments on that. I will say what I've seen looks good though, better than I was expecting. But at the same time, I can absolutely see this as being one of those overhyped movies.

-Mezzo-3337d ago

I have seen quite a few movies by Eisenberg and he is quite a good Actor, loved him in Zombieland. Can't wait to see his work in The Facebook Movie.