IGN: The Social Network Review

IGN: Director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin employ a Rashomon-style multi-perspective approach to The Social Network, their screen adaptation of Ben Mezrich's book The Accidental Billionaires which recounts the creation of Facebook and the legal fallout between those who founded it -- and those who claimed their idea for it was stolen.

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sdtarm4442d ago

Ive waste money lately on bad movies like afterlife and other one, my friends told me its like the beginning of facebook and i was like meh! :/

-Mezzo-4442d ago

Same here, i too think that i won't enjoy it, because the concept of the Movie is something i can't get excited about.

JL4442d ago

While it's about Facebook, I don't really think it's about Facebook. It's more of a character-study on the founders, plus the tale of the controversy and actions surrounding the start up of the network. From the clips I've seen (Eisenberg has been on the talk show circuit lately and seen several clips that way), but it actually seems good. This coming from someone who specifically didn't want to see it at first due to it being about Facebook (which I hate just for being the bandwagon it is...amongst other things). But it actually looks good. I like Eisenberg too.

4442d ago