The Hobbit' Finally Close To Getting Greenlight From Warner Bros, New Line and MGM

LaTimes: After several years of delays that have frustrated eager fans, moviegoers may soon return to Middle-earth.

Warner Bros., its subsidiary New Line Cinema, and partner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer appear to be close to greenlighting the hugely anticipated two-part "Lord of the Rings" prequel "The Hobbit," according to several people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

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TheColbertinator4745d ago

Thank the Lord(Sauron).I was waiting for a live action film based on The Hobbit.This is excellent news.

JL4745d ago

Agreed. After so much delay and all the trouble this film has had, it's good to see it's finally about to be greenlit. Awesome to find out recently that Sir Ian will be back as well. I hope they worked everything out to ensure Jackson returns to the director's helm as well.

-Mezzo-4745d ago

Finally, now i really hope that it turns out to worth the wait.,

elcompa4254745d ago

has the case of hot potatoe...about a month ago I read the movie was dead in the water, a few days ago I read it was nowhere close to an agreement...now i'm seeing this...I don't know what to believvee!! ...

sdtarm4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Hell yeah ive played the game and it must be really good story for a movie, Ithink

if its well adapted of course

-Mezzo-4744d ago

Which Game are you talking about i din't knew there was a Hobbit Game.

sdtarm4744d ago

its really old and kind of cartoony and childy and the story is not so deep but i still got into it and beat it, its a good game


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