IGN: Nolan's Superman: Who Should Direct?

What do the directors of Top Gun, Cloverfield, Battle: Los Angeles, 300, Moon and The Wrestler have in common? They are the guys that Nolan has short-listed - his Expendables - to direct Superman's newest movie. And that's a good thing.

IGN Movies decided to look at the pros and cons behind each potential choice, and see which of the six directors could make Kal-El hit a home run with his second franchise reboot in less than ten years.

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JL4450d ago

While I love Aronofsky's work, this just doesn't seem like the right type of movie for him. It seems almost akin to hiring Wes Craven to direct a romantic-comedy. Or having Hitchcock direct a big flashy action movie. Just doesn't sound right.

Tony Scott, really depends on who's writing the script and how well the script is. Much like this article mentions, he can be hit or miss. If we get a good script from someone else on this he would be a nice choice by instilling enough flair into it with a good script to back him.

Reeves I'm just not sure has the chops to be put on such a high-profile project just yet. He seems to be coming along nicely, but something as big as a Superman reboot under Nolan's supervision just seems too much for him to bite off just yet without too proven a resume.

Liebesman just seems like all style no substance so far. Maybe if he had a really good script backing him he could come through, but at this point he just appears good at giving us a lot of style with no real depth.

Duncan..I just don't know. Moon is it? I haven't really seen that movie so I can't make any judgment but that's not that much of a resume to be helming such a high-profile production as this.

Snyder I think it my choice if one has to choose between this group. Not my favorite director of the bunch (like I said I love Aronofsky's work), but he seems the most fitting for this. Either him or Tony Scott. Though Snyder seems to have the darker side to him, which if we go by Nolan's history and everything else we know, this reboot will have a bit of a darker twist on the Superman story. With 300 and Watchmen he can put a sort of "dark" style to movies. And he's shown that he can mix action and character-study well enough. So out of this group, he's my choice, with Scott coming in a close second. Both will dependent upon them getting a good script (moreso with Scott as Snyder can write on his own, but it would be much better if he got Jonathan Nolan helping him on the script).

elcompa4254450d ago

I think I'd go with opinion though...