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'Superman' Reboot to Find Natalie Portman Playing Lois Lane?

Moviefone: To paraphrase: a rumor can find itself halfway around the Web before the truth gets its pants on. Well, here's one that can be taken with a grain of salt. As we told you last night, Darren Aronofsky is one of many directors on the shortlist for the 'Superman' reboot gig, and if he gets it then you might see Natalie Portman playing Lois Lane, according to Moviehole.

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darklordzor4254d ago

God I hope this turns out to actually happen. She would make a powerful Lois Lane. She has the personality that fits the spunky and outspoken Lane from the previous films, unlike the last one.

SlaughterMeister4254d ago

They want Affleck to play Superman? PLEASE, NO!!!!

Portman would be good as Lois Lane, though. I might find it a little strange if she's already doing Thor.

Canas20104253d ago

What happened to Routh? He was basically the son of Reeves. He looks like Superman, he sounds like Superman, he probably smells like Superman.....therefore he should be the rebooted Superman. PLEASE NO AFFLECK!!!!!

JL4253d ago

I agree. If Routh isn't Superman, then I might lose all interest in this movie. It's just hard imagining a more perfect Superman. Especially not Affleck.

On the talk of Portman though...doubt it very much. She's pretty much said she won't do it without Aronofsky. I just don't see this as being an Aronofsky movie. So if no Aronofsky then you can kiss Portman goodbye. Though I do think she'd make a very nice Lois.

Other choices for Lois could be: Rachel McAdams (actually probably my first choice, I'd rather see her than Portman). I think Jennifer Garner could make a good Lois as well. Kate Beckinsale. Jennifer Connelly or maybe even Kristen Bell. Point being if Portman doesn't get it there are still fine choices to choose from. In fact, I'd rather see McAdams or Garner over Portman as Lois (well maybe a tie with Portman and Garner).