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Christopher Nolan Confirms Batman 3

Empire Online:
You may have guessed, you may have assumed it, but until now we hadn't had confirmation from the studio or the man himself that Christopher Nolan would be back to direct Batman 3 / The Dark Knight 2 (or whatever we're calling it). But our Dan Jolin talked to the man himself earlier today, and got it straight from Nolan himself.

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JL4246d ago

Yea, this was so known that it might as well have been confirmed already. It really went without saying pretty much. Now...let's see him hurry up and square away everybody on The Man of Steel so he can get to his own project here. And like to see him start giving us a lil finally confirm who the villain will be and who will be playing him :)

-Mezzo-4245d ago

This is great news, I hope Riddler is in the movie.