Paul Haggis Eyeing 'Equalizer' Script

Fresh off their collaboration on "The Next Three Days," Paul Haggis and Russell Crowe may be working together on a new project: "The Equalizer."

Crowe has long been attached as a star and producer of the feature adaptation of the late-'80s TV series, and Haggis, who just directed Crowe in the upcoming Lionsgate thriller "Days," is negotiating to take on the script. While the direction of the feature version is still being plotted, the original CBS series concerned the exploits of a former secret agent turned vigilante who could be hired to right wrongs.

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Spider-Man Villain Kraven The Hunter Gets His Own R-Rated Movie

Spider-Man supervillain Kraven The Hunter is getting his own R-rated movie this October and it looks brutal.


Russell Crowe Has The Most Popular Movie On All Streaming Platforms Right Now

A forgotten Russell Crowe movie is somehow the most popular film across all streaming platforms this week.

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Russell Crowe Addresses Those Gladiator Sequel Rumours

It’s been twenty years since Ridley Scott’s epic historical drama hit cinemas and dominated at the Oscars. Ever since then rumours of a Gladiator sequel have been circulating.

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