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Latino Review Knows Who Is Gonna Play Dr. Moriarty In Sherlock Holmes 2

For a while, it was rumored Brad Pitt would play the role of Professor Moriarty, and even Robert Downey Jr tried to get Brad to do it, but it didn't pan out. Then supposedly Guy Ritchie wanted to Daniel Day Lewis for the role.

Well, guess what?

That didn't pan out either because we know who is gonna bag the role!

Drumroll please....

According to solid sources, it looks like Professor Moriarty will be played by actor Jared Harris!

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JL4252d ago

Admittedly I haven't seen much of this guy (saw a couple episodes of Mad Men with him), but I don't like this pick at all from what I have seen of him. Moriarty is like the epitome of evil and "criminal mastermind". Jared Harris just does not come across as a good fit for this role. Doesn't seem to be evil or dark enough for it. I have a feeling I'm going to end up a bit disappointed with this casting choice.