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Get Him to the Greek 2-Disc Unrated Edition Review (Gamertell)

Gamertell offers a positive review of Get Him to the Greek now available on Blu-ray, DVD and as a Digital Download.

From the review:

"If you have enjoyed even a few minutes of Nicholas Stoller’s movies, anything directed or produced by Judd Apatow or Jonah Hill in any form, you need to get, rent, borrow or simply steal (from your friend, not the store) this Blu-ray.

There is so much to laugh at and enjoy in this Blu-ray release that it’s hard to pass it by. Just make certain you have a decent threshold for crude humor (and maybe that no one under 13 is even near the room when you watch it)."

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JL3338d ago

Just bought and watched this yesterday. While it had some very funny, laugh-out-loud moments (quite a few actually), there were also parts that just seemed slow. Overall it was indeed a good movie and definitely worth a watch. Though I wouldn't rate it quite as high. Maybe more like 75-80.