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Drunk on Judgement - The Night Chronicles: Devil Review

Drunk on Judgement isn't sure when it started, maybe after the questionable ending of ‘The Happening’, or the scathing reviews of ‘The Last Airbender’, but audiences everywhere are reportedly bursting into laughter when a trailer is followed by the words M. Night Shyamalan. His films have a reputation of adding a twist that, more often than not, tends to ruin the entire experience as well as M. Night’s reputation for film making. Drunk on Judgement has a different issue with M. Night Shyamalan, or rather, his marketing group. They are still pissed off about ‘The Village’ trailers portraying the film as a monster movie, and it actually turning into a Tolkien-esque adventure tale. While this is not quite the case with ‘Devil’, Drunk on Judgement still feels as if they are a victim of false advertising.

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JL4252d ago

I kind of agree with that actually. Not sure I'd call it "false advertising" so much as "good" editing on the production companies part. Always Shyamalan's movies appear to be interesting and look cool in the trailer, then you get to the actual movie and it's a whole other story. That's why even now I'm very hesitant about Devil even though the trailer looks good (and Shyamalan isn't even in the director's chair on this one). It's just can I even trust the trailer anymore.

All I know is that whoever his editing team is in the production company making those trailers....he better be paying them very well.