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Inception Review: A Truly Inspired Mind Bending Experience - Associated Content

Nicholas Ward - AC "I just finished watching Inception and the story literally shattered my perception of reality. I mean many of the things Inception portrayed are as real as it gets. When you are about to hit the ground you typically wake up after a fall and just before the shock ... What if you didn't wake up though? What if you couldn't tell the difference between your dream and reality anymore?"

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Xenud4257d ago

...mistake...of the last 10 years!!!

romalias24256d ago

You hated it that much?


You could go into some detail ... I'm actually curious now.

JL4255d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's saying it's not just the best film of the year. It's the best film of the past 10 years. As in "best film of the year. correction, make that best film of the past 10 years."

Xenud4255d ago

JL explained pretty well what i was saying :) sorry for bad english.