MMGN: Tomorrow When the War Began Review

MMGN: Great Australian films are few and far in between and Tomorrow When the War Began definitely takes the cake as one of the best. Not many of our films become blockbusters but this movie is already the highest selling Australian movie of 2010.

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Jeannius4260d ago

This was a surprisingly great movie!

kk13874260d ago

I loved the books but I'm not so sure about the movie.. I think you might have convinced me to give the movie a chance..

TheDarkGuyv3r4260d ago

Go the Neighbours chick lol. I'm going to go see this as soon as I can.

CatGlue4260d ago

Good aussie movie right? I read the book when i was younger, unsure about the whole asian invasion thou...

Jeannius4260d ago

They made it an asian invasion because it would be strange to see europeans and stuff invading us. TBH I think they were trying to make it seem like North Korea

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