Nerd Reactor's Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Review – Another Winner from DC Animated

Nerd Reactor: I’m pretty sure everyone will agree once they watch this is that the movie title is very misleading. Based on the Superman/Batman: Supergirl comic by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner, the animated movie is all about Supergirl. Maybe call it Supergirl featuring Superman, with Batman on the side. I believe even Wonder Woman had more screen time than Batman.

The animation and art is really nice, since it pays homage to the late Michael Turner, which means pretty hot, super babes. And speaking of babes, this would have to be the hottest of the DC Universe animated movies. I mean, we have Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Amazonians and Barda (ex-captain of Darkseid’s elite group of killer females), who’s strutting her stuff in just a towel in front of her neighbors.

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