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Reel Movie Reviews: Devil

Oh boy, M. Night Shyamalan has been getting a lot of flak these days. After a string of critically damned movies like The Happening and Lady in the Water, Shyamalan finally hit a wall with The Last Airbender, and that's when his namesake became a joke. Literally.

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JL4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

His namesake was a joke before The Last Airbender. It's been slowly becoming a joke since after Sixth Sense. Last Airbender just sort of solidified it as the final nail in the coffin by pointing out one thing: it's not just his crappy writing that holds him but, he just sucks as a director/producer period. Before The Last Airbender it could at least be argued that he might be a decent director if he'd just get off trying to write his own movies with stupid twists and turns. Then he gets a story that's not his own (though he did do the screenplay, but the story was not created by him), and he can't even get that right. Time for this man to stop making movies.

Devil, granted he didn't direct it or write it, but it shows all kinds of Shyamalan characteristics as he closely oversaw the project and had great influence on the making of it. Further proof of just how bad he is. He can't get it right when he's writing. He can't get it right when he's just directing another person's story. Now he can't even get it right when he gives up the director's helm along with the writer's chair. He needs to just step away.