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MoviesOnline : Devil Movie Review

There’s good news and there’s bad news regarding the events of DEVIL. The good news is that this is a movie with M. Night Shymalan’s name attached and didn’t end up being a complete waste of time and resources, in fact it’s actually a pretty entertaining piece of film. The bad news is that it’s still not going to be the best movie you’ve ever seen and despite the horror elements and claustrophobic setting, it’s not very scary either.

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JL4460d ago

I did not realize until just now that Devil isn't directed by Shyamalan. That's a plus. Unfortunately, it was written by him and I feel that's always been the bigger downfall of his films: he does his own writing, contrived and senseless twists and turns included. Though at the very least, at least someone else did the screenplay and Shyamalan himself wasn't helming the movie. The trailers have looked moderately decent (then again his movie trailers always did, then you see the movie and it's...ugh). So, while I still have no faith in this, at least it does have the perk of not being directed by him.