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Voltron is Getting Ready to Form; A First Look at Art from the New Film

So I know it's only September 16th and all, but it kinda feels like Christmas morning. That’s because when I opened up my Macbook just now, an insanely cool visual treat from a trusted source was just sitting there, patiently waiting in my inbox like a hungry kitty (that weak metaphor will become a sly pun by the end of this story).

Lets face it. After the 'Fallen' got their 'Revenge' on us last summer by duping us into spending our hard-earned coin on a lackluster TRANSFORMERS sequel, it quickly became apparent that Optimus and Co. were already starting to gather a bit of rust. But for those anxiously awaiting an heir apparent to breathe fresh life into the massive-metal-monster genre, it looks like the oft-rumored VOLTRON movie may finally be gaining some traction.

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