'Dragon' Star Lands 'Sherlock 2'

THR: Noomi Rapace, the Swedish star of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," has booked her first English-language role: the plum part of the female lead in Warner Bros.'s "Sherlock Holmes 2."

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JL4273d ago

I could see her doing really well in this type of movie depending on the role. That mention of a gypsy sounds good for her.

However, the thing that stuck out the most for me here: Mycroft is going to be in the sequel! That's awesome news. I'm casting my vote right now: John Torturro (think Monk's brother Ambrose--but not such a wuss and not as neurotic--meets Knish from Rounders). I think Torturro could nail that part. Ever since I really got into the Holmes series several years ago, I couldn't help but picture Torturro every time Mycroft appeared in the books. Granted Torturro wouldn't fit the physical build of a Mycroft, but then again I don't really think Downey fits the bill physically as a Sherlock either, but appearance is a bit less important than making sure the personality fits.