Want To See a Teaser Trailer For Uwe Boll's Auschwitz... You Might Not Want To. Graphic. Disturbing.

Hey folks, Harry here with something ungodly disturbing. For years people have been accusing Uwe Boll of financing movies from Nazi Gold. Now it looks like Uwe Boll has decided to fully embrace his harshest critics by making what looks like a hardcore telling of Auschwitz. I'm not real sure what a film like this, made by a filmmaker that doesn't know the meaning of the word "emotional" or "subtlety" are... This could very well end up being one of the single most tasteless films in history. Just this teaser below - you're likely to have a gut reaction to this trailer... and Uwe as an officer leaning on the door to the gas chamber... shivers. Truly disturbed.

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