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Brutal 'Amazing Race' Clip

Watermelon meets slingshot mishap meets unintentional Zapruder film reenactment. "The Amazing Race" is sure to reclaim Emmy gold now.

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JL4276d ago

LOL That's hilarious. I'm sorry but that's funny as shit. She got knocked the f*ck out. hahahaha

Crazyglues4275d ago

So this poor girl is playing her heart out, and the fact that she get's knocked out by a watermelon and can't feel her face, is not even the worst part...

It's her partner who is an epic fail as a person and has absolutely no concern what's so ever for this poor girl as she tells her...(in not so many words) "well you got to finish because life sucks, but hey they don't call it the amazing race for nothing, now get your A$$ back out there) ...LoL

Seriously... LoL (win a million by any means necessary) -I love when she says "are you ok" -not because she cares but because she wants to finish this task and move on...

-Life is pretty hard when you don't know who your real friends are... It might be a smart idea to delete this girl from your friends list.