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Where’s My Halo Movie?

ScreenRant: Where do we stand on the ‘Halo’ feature film? Here’s a recap of the story so far and the plan going forward for the ‘Halo’ franchise.

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iamnsuperman4269d ago

Y do you want it....Its just going to suck like all films based on video games

Crazyglues4268d ago

-but since we all know it's not going to be done right, so yeah no need in making it... It's just going to be a huge waste of money..

-But if it was done right, it could be epic.. It could be as big as the first time people saw Star Wars.. or become a huge phenomenon like T2- But you need someone who can take the vision and not mess it up..

Like James Carmon did with the Aliens franchise- epic movie -we need someone that good..

iamnsuperman4268d ago

but to make it good they will have to change the halo story to make it work and that will be big back lash from the halo fanboys but if they do not do it it will suck......Halo story is really good for gaming but for a Hollywood film its not that good.
Lets face it is too much of a risk to do....Microsoft/bungie probably do not want to ruin the good franchise they built.....The track record of video games being films is not good.

Crazyglues4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Yeah the story would need some serious changes for a good movie... I agree, just because as a video game the story flows but in a movie that would most likely seem like it's dragging..

would need some serious tweaks to keep it interesting and much more fast pace to fit a movie type of story..

It's not like they have to follow the game exact, because the Movie will be it's own entity... so it can differ just a little.

The first time I actually felt like maybe they could really pull this movie thing off right was when I saw this commercial -

I actually got really excited about how they could make a movie that would be Awesome..

That's just a really good commercial, I love how they take a normal guy then inject him to make him the super solider. -really nicely done