Cinema Blend Interview: Director Will Gluck Returns To High School With The Sharp And Sweet Easy A

Cinema Blend:
Will Gluck says that after he made the poorly reviewed, little-seen high school cheerleader comedy Fired Up! he swore he'd never return to the world of lockers and proms and report cards again. But that was before he got a look at Easy A, a script by Bert V. Royal that he says gave him a chance to add his own comedic stamp, telling a story about a girl (Emma Stone) who's both undergoing the rigors of high school and perfectly aware of all the movie characters who have gone through the same things before her. Olive Penderghast wishes her life were more like an 80s movie like Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club, and while pretending to sleep with guys and becoming the fake-harlot of high school isn't exactly something Molly Ringwald would have done, in a roundabout way it gets her the 80s happy ending she always wanted.

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