Ryan Gosling Tries To Charm Michelle Williams In Exclusive 'Blue Valentine' Clip

Ryan Gosling has a hard time getting dates. Or at least that's what movie makers would like us to believe of his characters. For instance, in the seminal Nicholas Sparks flick, "The Notebook," Ryan's Noah Calhoun dangles precariously from a Ferris wheel, risking life and limb, simply to convince Rachel McAdams' Allie Hamilton to accept a date.

While there are no zipping carnival rides to be found in this exclusive clip from Ryan's upcoming film "Blue Valentine," it does look as though he'll once again have to turn on the Gosling charm to win the girl.Out December 26, "Blue Valentine" follows married couple Dean (Ryan) and Candy (Michelle Williams) as they attempt to save their marriage by vacationing at a themed hotel.

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