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Valve Want To Make The Half-Life Movie Themselves

Valve’s CEO and co-founder, Gabe Newell, has told PC Gamer that the only way there’d be a Half-Life movie would be if Valve made it themselves. He also said they’ve been experimenting with doing just that.

Tom of PC Gamer interviewed the living daylights out of Gabe, and came up with the whole history behind the Half-Life movie – it turns out that they were approached by lots of rubbish proposals for movie cash-ins, and felt that the only creative team that could do it justice was Valve itself.

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hazelamy4283d ago

so expect it to see a release in about 2021 with valve's much vaunted punctuality.

Ru4282d ago

It will release in 2021, 3 years before the halo movie releases.