BRC: Hamlet Blu-ray Review

Jorge from writes: I’m sure that my early experiences with Hamlet are not unique. I was assigned to read Shakespeare’s dramatic masterpiece my senior year in high school. After spending hour after endless hour of going through the text, I was still almost entirely in the dark about what was actually going on in each scene. I finished reading the play but I had to resort to the Cliff Notes to understand the plot. Then my teacher tortured our class even further by having us diagram the language of certain scenes and then write a ridiculously long paper. I’ve revisited Hamlet a few times since senior year, sometimes on the stage and sometimes on film but I never felt like I fully “got it” until this week, when I had the pleasure of watching Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation. The film was originally released in December of 1996 (ironically my senior year) and arrives on Blu-ray for the first time this week.

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