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Last Exorcism Director May Work With Lars Von Trier

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Astronauts dream of meeting Buzz Aldrin. Basketball players would love to shake the hand of Michael Jordan. Writers want to time travel and have a whiskey with Ernest Hemingway. Everyone has someone they look up to in their field, but most will never have the opportunity to meet them, let alone work closely with them. Director Daniel Stamm will be one of the lucky few who gets that opportunity.

Speaking with the director at a roundtable for his newest film, The Last Exorcism, Stamm revealed very minor details about his next project, saying that he couldn't divulge too much because the deal is still being worked out. What he did say, however, is that he will not be using the documentary-style , that it will be a "psychological, supernatural thriller with a twist" and that his "favorite filmmaker in the world" will be serving as producer - though he couldn't say who. It is my belief that said filmmaker is none other than Lars von Trier.

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