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MMGN Review: Step Up 3D

The best dancing ever seen complete with a whole block of cheese. Jeann Wong writes: "To pull off a great dance flick, the actors and actresses need to be first and foremost excellent dancers. Convincing acting and any sort of plotline whatsoever takes a backseat, or in this case completely neglected. However, if you’ve seen any of the prior Step Up movies, you’ll know what to expect with this one."

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Pandemic4283d ago

I expected a bit better from this movie, but I like a few songs they have in the film.

Great review.

CatGlue4283d ago

I want always wanted to be a break dancer, being able to slide on my head for a few meters will really attract the opposite sex, i reckon...

kk13874283d ago

These sorts of movies are pretty cool, and the music is good fun, but if studios can't put some more variety into it then the idea of building upon the series is sort of stupid.

Good review, looks pretty fair.

jerryhu4283d ago

Looked at the trailer, it's awesome!

Guyv3r4283d ago

It is pretty funky...