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Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Fear

DOG: Is fear, particularly in family movies, a bad thing, ponders Simon? And is injecting the right amount of fear into a film an increasingly lost art?

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JL4284d ago

Definitely a lost art. At least Hollywood has lost it completely, the rest are slowly losing it. Japan probably has the greatest hang of it still these days. I was actually talking about this with a friend earlier today. She thought I was crazy because of it too lol because I'm craving seeing a movie that does horror so well that I'm actually scared like they could back in the day. I want one of those movies that just terrorizes you. The type that instills such fear in you that it forever makes you afraid to walk in the water, or gives you a permanent fear of clowns. Or just that instills such terror in you that you can't watch it with the lights out, and when you're walking upstairs to go to bed you just have to put a lil extra pep in your step to get up those steps quicker because it just feels like somebody is behind you in the dark. I want true terror and fear. These days? Best they can give is a decent startle (completely different from fright). Japan at least though still has the idea about the art of drawing out tension and building upon it to a degree. But that's almost it these days, everything else is just about making a gorefest.

TwistedMetal4283d ago

They got names for emo sick freaks that enjoy movies like that. They called closet serial killers/ satan demons. I think the same kids from colombine watched those movies on a regular. You want scary then borrow money from the mafia and dont pay it back.

JL4282d ago

lol Whatever you want to call it. Columbine kids also listened to Marilyn Manson. Let me guess, you're one of those to blame Manson for what those kids did? Or...does that mean all people who watch hentai are pedos? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. There's a reason the horror genre exists, because people like being scared. There's a reason roller coasters are the biggest hits at amusement parks: people like the rush of being scared. Enjoy the rush of fear (while knowing really there's nothing to be afraid of) is a very common thing and does not turn one into a serial killer, nor mean they're some kind of devil worshiper.

Though I will admit I guess I do desire fear more than most. Or rather, I want terror and fear, not horror and "being startled".