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Ricky Gervais Is Ready To Turn His New Warwick Davis Series Into A Movie

Cinema Blend:
A few months ago Ricky Gervais announced he was working on a new television show called Life’s Too Short, and that alone is plenty of reason to get Gervcited (a term I just coined for the feeling one gets whenever Ricky Gervais is about to do something awesome… admittedly it may still need work). But it seems that the story may be even bigger than just another brilliant, legendary, Ricky Gervais TV show. He may turn it into a movie too.

Gervais says he’s already planning a movie version of the series. He’ll wait to see how the show does first, of course. But he’s looking on the bright side of life and says, “Let's have it ready in case it's a success. Always plan for success.”

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